Joy and Sorrow Spirits

Our Rakomelo

Inspired by Cretan tradition, our Rakomelo is skillfully fashioned in small batches using organic grapes infused with wildflower honey and spices. The result is a remarkably delicate spiced liqueur with subtle citrus undertones. Often served warm, this spirit stands up to sipping neat, on the rocks, or in a cocktail.

Certified Organic

We use locally grown, certified organic grapes, wildflower honey and a unique blend of spices to craft our remarkably delicate spiced liqueur.

Double Distilled

Each small batch of our Rakomelo is carefully processed through a column still and finished in a pot still to ensure premium quality and complex flavor.

Greek Inspired

Our Rakomelo is a tribute to the traditional spirit that has been crafted for generations in Crete for over 400 years.